PowerColor Red Devil RX 6800 XT Gets Tested

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There are many leaks on YouTube over the weekend. ExtremeIT shows a PowerColor Radeon RX 6800 XT from the Red Devil series. 

The video reveals some overclocking and of course shows the product. With a proper tweak it achieves 2750 MHz Game and 2800 MHz boost clock, according to the GPU-Z. However as can be expected, that was unstable. At defaults, the card is clocked at 2090/2340 MHz frequencies. Once the card was set up at 2600/2650 MHz it was able to do a Fire Strike run, which delivered 56,756 points (1080p preset, Graphics score). The videos since then have been made private. 

It seems only 1000 Red Devil’s Limited Edition will be made worldwide, so this product is more about creating a viral and grabbing attention rather than being a viable purchase.

PowerColor Red Devil RX 6800 XT Gets Tested

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