POV GeForce GTX 480 Ultra Charged released

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How far can you push a GeForce GTX 480 pefore you run into limitations ? It's a processess that the TGT team from Point of View certainly is pushing the enveloppe on. They released the Ultra Charged TFC GeForce GTX 480 based on an Arctic Cooling solution.

This card does not come with the referenc clocks of 700 MHz for the GPU, 1,401 for the shaders and 3,700 for the memory but instead runs at 763 MHz, the 480 shader cores operate at 1,526 MHz and, finally, the 1536MB of GDDR5 VRAM at 3800 MHz.

The product itself really is the reference board with updated firmware and a massive three-slot (maybe even four from the looks of it) Arctic cooler with three fans.

We checked pricing and this board will carry a 529 EUR pricetag. Check the thumbnail ...

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