Point of View Has Been Declared Bankrupt (updated)

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News has reached us that an old partner in the graphics card and electronics industry has filed for bankruptcy, yesterday Point of View was declared bankrupt in the Netherlands. A lot of people in Asia, EU and South America will be familiar with the Point of View branding under Point of View on-line.

Back on the days they thrived in the graphics card industry, tablet market and small electronics. Point of view was also trading under the name Bestcom, Point Of View Graphics, Point Of View Asia and Point Of View International.

Point Of View B.V. with trading name Bestcom in Eindhoven (Noord-Brabant) was declared bankrupt by the court in Oost-Brabant. The appointed curator is mr. J.A. van der Meer. The insolvency number of this case is F.01/16/558. No reports are available yet.

It is unclear what will happen to the assets of the Point Of View holding. Over the years the market surely has changed and only the tier 1 brands like MSI, ASUS, Gigabyte, EVGA, ZOTAC, XFX and Palit have been able to keep up the pace in the vast and fast GPU arena. While out last review for them was in 2012 (Protab Tablet) In memory of them you can read our last graphics card review from them that dates back to 2010, the Point of View GTX 570 TGT Ultra Charged (review here).

Updated 25-11-2016: 

We received an email statement from what now is called the Point of View Holding:

Earlier this week, POINT OF VIEW – a hardware brand most known for their NVIDIA based graphics cards – was incorrectly pronounced dead, as several websites published an article about the “Bankruptcy of Dutch hardware manufacturer POINT OF VIEW BV”.
Due to miscommunication in the court reports, it created the misunderstanding that the brand POINT OF VIEW is dead. This is not the fact, and the brand will surely continue to exist. We kindly ask you to read this clarification of the situation and help us justify this error.
POINT OF VIEW BV was a subsidiary company part of the POINT OF VIEW GROUP that had its activities mainly in the retailing market in the Benelux. As last few years have shown us with the bankruptcy of several major retailing companies, the business climate in Europe is anything but healthy and this division has been terminated due to low demand and declined profitability in its operational market. The published articles this week did not account for the fact that POINT OF VIEW BV is only a part of the POINT OF VIEW GROUP.

The POINT OF VIEW GROUP consists of POINT OF VIEW HOLDING, POINT OF VIEW INTERNATIONAL, POINT DE VUE AFRIQUE, POINT OF VIEW ASIA, and MOBII SUPPLY PARTNER. All these entities are still fully operational. Clients of POINT OF VIEW BV have been notified and where possible, directed to the international subsidiary of the group. We can ensure that all clients of our companies will be taken care of also in the future. POINT OF VIEW as a brand is still going strong and will continue to proudly raise the Dutch flag as one of the few genuine European hardware manufacturers, founded and headquartered in the Netherlands. 
Surely, we are sad to have parted with some of our friends, partners and colleagues and we can assure you that it’s no fun having to cut off your own limb.

Thank you very much for your time.

Best regards, 

Point of View CEO 

Point of View Holding (headquarters)
Achtseweg Noord 11,
5651 GG Eindhoven,
The Netherlands


Point of View GeForce GTX 570 TGT Ultra Charged

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