Point of View announced GTX 295 and GTX 285

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Point of View announced its king of the hill among graphics cards; the GeForce GTX295 and its running mate: the GeForce GTX285.

These newest flagship products are the ultimate performance boosting cards available on the market. In case of the GeForce GTX 295, 480 Shader processors (divided over two GPUs) are used to maximize performance in Shader model 4.0 and/or PhysX accelerated games, OpenGL applications, high definition video decoding and other hardware accelerated software such as the Badaboom (video conversion software: trial included on the driver CD) and Photoshop CS4.

The Shader cores operate on 1242 MHz whilst the main GPU has a speed of 576 MHz. A solid 896-bit memory bus is being fuelled by an insane 1792 MB DDR3 memory running on 1998 MHz. If all this brute force still isn

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