Plextor to launch M6 Pro SSD with PlexTurbo Technology

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Plextor announces the launch of M6 Pro and PlexTurbo at Computex. The show will also mark the debut of other new consumer SSDs from Plextor, who will showcase their IPC and enterprise ranges. Debuting at Computex is the high-performance Plextor M6 Pro SATA SSD. With hardware operating at the maximum 6 Gbps throughput limit of the SATA interface, the M6 Pro sets new standards for reliability, stability, and performance. With guaranteed stability, the Plextor M6 Pro is the first consumer SSD from Plextor to pass its new ultra-strict enterprise-grade Zero Error standard of 400 units surviving 1008 hours (up from 500 hours). The introduction of DEVSLP mode reduces power consumption.

PlexTurbo is intelligent SSD caching software, which uses a combination of system RAM, the SSD DRAM cache, and SSD storage. It delivers additional storage speed for real-world applications, intelligently extends flash life, and prevents data loss if power is interrupted. By taking a more intelligent approach to RAM caching, the PlexTurbo is able to outperform competing software whist minimizing RAM use. PlexTurbo will initially only be available with the Plextor M6 Pro. Live demos will show the stability and incredible performance of Plextor's latest M6 generation of products. Attendees will experience the performance and advantages of the brand new Plextor M6 Pro with PlexTurbo. They will also have the chance to see the power of the M6e in HHHL and M.2 form factors. This SSD has already won numerous awards by bypassing the limitations of SATA to deliver highly stable RAID-like performance using cutting-edge components and the PCIe interface.

Along with the high-performance M6 Pro, and ultrafast M6e M.2 PCIe Gen2 x2 SSD, Plextor also will launch a M.2 SATA SSD family, the M6G-2280, M6G-2260, and M6G-2242. On the stand will also be the entry level Plextor M6S, the gaming focused M6e HHHL PCIe, and a demo showing the total stability of the recently launched M6M in RAID 0.

Complementing Plextor's consumer SSDs will be a display of their enterprise, industrial, and specialized mobile storage devices. Engineered for data center and server storage applications are Plextor's enterprises SSDs which deliver consistent IOPS performance with low latency command response. End-to-end data path protection, over-provisioning and power-loss data protection make Plextor's enterprise SSDs ideal for critical tasks.

The latest generation of Plextor's industrial PC range of products, including power-loss data protection/wide temperature SSDs, will be at the show and Plextor's experts will be on hand to discuss data storage for specialized applications.

Attendees looking to tap in to Plextor's specialist storage knowledge for mobile products will see advanced eMMC devices along with M.2 PCIe, M.2 SATA, and mSATA SSDs.

"We're pulling out all the stops for Computex this year. Not only are we launching the M6 Pro with PlexTurbo, but we've got excellent product offerings for every segment of the consumer market and advanced products that meet the specific needs of enterprise and IPC markets," said Senior Sales Manager, Lear Wu.

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