Photos of upcoming Nvidia Shield TV console

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Photos of the upcoming Shield TV set-top box surfaced on the web. Intersting fact, you're going to notice two size, so which one or both will  will end up that way in sales. 

Android Police writes that the smaller version might be a 'design experiment' . The looks of the device does not seem to differ from the current version that much:

Visually, the new boxes and TV controller seem identical to the outgoing model - there's really nothing that's changed there as far as I can see. The gamepad, however, is sporting an overhauled design with some rather interesting geometric cues. I can't say I love the look, but the new shape does seem a little more ergonomic than the old controller. It also no longer has a touchpad, apparently. However, given the lack of context, we can't be certain of anything, really - it's possible the smaller console was some kind of design exploration or represents a product announcement coming at a later date. It's also possible one of them is the older console, just now being sold with a refreshed gamepad. Again, all we have is the pictures, so what you're seeing here is everything we know about the new console(s), which really isn't a lot. Still, we felt the images worth sharing.

Earlier this year, the new gamepad (with a silhouette clearly matching the one in the images above) and remote showed up at the FCC, with claims the remote has been switched to Bluetooth 4.1, providing enhanced power-efficiency (which is good, as the SHIELD's remote dies quickly).

Photos of upcoming Nvidia Shield TV console

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