Phison Launches PASCARI Enterprise SSD Brand and X200 Series PCIe Gen5 Solid State Drives

Phison Electronics announced the launch of its new enterprise solid-state drive (SSD) brand, PASCARI, alongside the introduction of its X200 series SSDs that support the PCIe Gen5x4 specification. This move signifies Phison's expanded commitment to the enterprise SSD market, complementing its ongoing developments in PCIe Gen5 signal chips. Phison has previously collaborated with Seagate to develop the X1 SSD platform, which is utilized in Seagate’s FireCuda 5x50 enterprise SSDs. The PASCARI brand is an acronym derived from Performance, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Security, Capacity, Acceleration, Reliability, and Innovation. This branding strategy underscores Phison’s focus on delivering high-performance enterprise SSDs that are easy for customers to integrate and use.

The X200 series SSDs, aimed at flagship performance, are available in U.2 and E3.S PCIe physical formats. These drives support dual-port functionality and are offered in 1 Drive Write Per Day (DWPD) and 3 DWPD endurance versions, with capacities ranging from 1.6 TB to 30.72 TB. The X200 series boasts sequential read speeds up to 14.8 GB/s and sequential write speeds up to 8.7 GB/s. It also reaches up to 3000K IOPS in random read and 900K IOPS in random write performance.

Beyond the X series, the PASCARI brand also includes:


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