Phison Introduces New E31T and E27T SSD Controllers with Impressive Speeds

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The recently announced E31T controller from Phison delivers up to 10 GB/s speed, moderately lower compared to its more potent counterpart, the E26, clocking in at 14 GB/s.

The E31T, designed as a toned-down PCIe 5.0 controller for SSDs, might demand less cooling compared to its peers. The E31T SSD controller is underpinned by an ARM Cortex-R5 CPU, marking Phison's debut in controllers produced via a 7 nm process. The company projects that this controller might exhibit enhanced power efficiency, partly attributed to the non-existence of a DRAM cache. It's also noteworthy that the controller features four memory channels, a reduction from the previous eight.

Phison is concurrently launching the E27T controller, serving as an improvement on the E21T. The new controller, like the former version, lacks DRAM and operates on the older PCIe 4.0 interface. It supports four NAND channels with a maximum capacity of 8 TB while still being produced on the 12 nm process. Despite this, it still outpaces the E12T in read and write speeds, delivering 7,400 MB/s and 6,700 MB/s respectively.

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