Philips Evnia 27" and 24" Monitors: Fast IPS, 180 Hz, HDR10

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Philips has expanded its Evnia monitor series with two new models, the 27-inch 27M2N3200A and the 24-inch 24M2N3200A, designed specifically for gaming. These monitors feature Full HD Fast IPS panels with a high refresh rate of 180 Hz and HDR10 compatibility, aimed at delivering a smooth and detailed visual experience for gaming enthusiasts. Both the 27M2N3200A and 24M2N3200A models boast a rapid redraw rate of up to 180 times per second, which is crucial for producing seamless images that facilitate precise targeting and responsiveness in games. They are equipped with advanced IPS technology that enables a response time of up to 1 ms (GtG) in the maximum overdrive setting, significantly reducing ghosting and motion blur. This technology is complemented by a 0.5 ms Moving Picture Response Time (MPRT), which helps eliminate smearing and tearing, ensuring crisp visuals during fast-paced sequences.

To further enhance gaming performance, these monitors feature Low Input Lag technology, which minimizes the delay between the execution of user commands and their reflection on the screen. This is critical for maintaining competitive play in fast-paced gaming environments. Philips has integrated specific gaming-oriented features to improve user experience. These include the Smart Crosshair, which aids precision in aiming, and a quick access on-screen display (OSD) that offers customized visual modes. The First-Person Shooter mode improves visibility in dark areas, Racing mode boosts color saturation for vivid scenes, and the Real Time Strategy mode incorporates SmartFrame technology for focused enhancements on specific screen sections like mini-maps. Environmental sustainability is a key component of the design of these monitors. The chassis of the monitors is constructed using 85% post-consumer recycled plastic, and the stands incorporate 35% recycled plastic, reflecting Philips' commitment to reducing environmental impact.

The health and comfort of gamers have also been prioritized. Both models are equipped with LowBlue Mode and Flicker-Free technology, which are engineered to minimize eye strain and fatigue during extended gaming sessions. Additionally, the height-adjustable stands enable users to find the optimal viewing angle, promoting better posture and comfort. Each monitor also includes a built-in hook on the top cover for convenient headphone storage, helping to keep gaming spaces organized.

The 27-inch Philips Evnia 27M2N3200A is already on the market with a manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of approximately £159.99. The 24-inch model, the Evnia 24M2N3200A, is set to be released in mid-June and will be priced at approximately £139.99.

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