Phenom II X4 Overclocking Masterclass

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Phenom II X4 Overclocking Masterclass - Poor some LN2 on it

The professional overclocker's scene, and it's a demographic that Guru3D will be following more closely. It's the extreme side of overclocking, yes the guys that use extravagant cooling methods to lift the core frequency to way higher levels. And today we'll be doing exactly that.

We'll have our tame race driver 'OldScarface', a Dutch overclocker, tryout the latest revision of the Phenom II 965BE -- the latest stepping with a lower TDP. The objective is to pass 5 or maybe even 6 GHz on this processor. To do so, all he'll need is a couple of litres of Liquid Nitrogen, the right equipment and time... lots of time.

Check out this Guru3D article right here.

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