Pending Price Cut for Intel Core i7-950

Intel MIGHT drop the pricing scheme for one of its most powerful central processing units according to hkepc. If we can believe the source then part's price will plummet by almost half of what it currently costs. If true, then the chip immediately under it may also drop in price, in order to maintain their appeal on their respective target consumer bases. This will come to pass just around the same time as the upcoming Core i3-560, with a frequency of 3.33GHz, is slated to make it into stores.

The CPU whose price will drop from the current $562 to under $300 is the Core i5-950. It is a quad-core model, with eight threads and an L3 cache memory of 8MB. Furthermore, the CPU has a thermal design power (TDP) of 130W and should be able to go as low as $294 when being put up for order, around the end of August to be exact. As such, the tag of Core i7-930 is bound to drop to $284.

The report even goes as far as mentioning the exact day when the Santa Clara, California-based maker of central processors intends to set these plans into motion: August 29.

Rumors though -- this news should be taken with a big grain of salt.

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