Passmark BurnInTest 6.0 Build 1023

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Tests CPU, hard drives, CD-ROMs, CD burners, DVDs, sound cards, 2D graphics, 3D graphics, RAM, network connections, printers, and video playback. Test specialized hardware with BurnInTest 'plug-in' tests.

Changes in version 6.0 build 1023:

  • Improvements to the CPU frequency measurement on startup.
  • Improvements to the raw disk test (physical disk number test) to avoid
    sharing violation errors during the random seek cycle. Also, the raw disk test
    can now be configured with 32-bit BurnInTest, when running on 64-bit Windows.
  • Improvements to the Sound Loopback test when the CPU is under load.
    Corrected an "Out of Memory" error for the Sound loopback test. Improved the
    Sound Loopback test window display.
  • Change for Turbo capable CPU's when run under WinPE 3.0 to correct a
    system crash.
  • When running on WinPE, F10 now launches the Windows command window


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