Palit non-reference GeForce GTX 470 w/ custom cooling

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Palit announces the first custom design Palit GTX 470, featuring Dual Fans and 4 Video outputs which support HDMI, DisplayPort, and two Dual-Link DVI display outputs.

The first custom design Palit GeForce GTX470 furnishes with a cooler & quieter innovated thermal solution. This will give your games an adrenaline shot of lighting speed performances and stunning futuristic visuals. Equipped with Dual Fans, Palit GTX 470 will provide much cooler gaming condition and emit heat from GPU more efficiently and effectively. Geared with Palit GTX 470 series, you will experience heart-pounding and cinematic-like visuals on your favorite games with the combined power of DirectX 11, CUDA, and PhysX technologies. Also, expand your visual real estate across three HD displays in jaw-dropping stereoscopic 3D for the ultimate immersive gaming.

The Palit cooler & quieter thermal solution is designed with more fans and fins in order to optimize the revolutionary Fermi architecture performances. Geared with Palit cooler & quieter thermal solution, the temperature on GPU is up to 12 ?KC degree lower and the noise level is 4 dB lower when in peak functioning mode. The cooler consists of a PWM fan with optimized heatsink, giving it excellent thermal performance while making it an ideal cooling solution.

The Palit GeForce GTX 470 is also built for future DirectX11 games. It provides an outstanding performance at DX11 benchmark by adopting the latest Fermi architecture and advanced DirectX11 hardware features, including tessellation and DirectCompute. Palit GTX 470 series is designed specifically to support the next generation gaming effect such as ray tracing and also enhance the 3D effect from NVIDIA existing 3D Vision to 3D Vision Surround technology. These specifications will give you a whole new perspective in gaming experience.

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