Overview of SCUF Nomad Mobile Gaming Controller Features and Specifications

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SCUF Gaming has introduced its latest innovation, the SCUF Nomad, a mobile gaming controller optimized for iOS devices. Announced today, this Bluetooth-enabled device is tailored to meet the needs of mobile gamers by incorporating several performance features traditionally found in console and PC controllers. The SCUF Nomad integrates ergonomic design principles developed through SCUF's extensive experience with competitive gaming hardware. It features contoured grips and full-size triggers, which are adaptations of the design elements from SCUF’s established range of controllers for consoles and PCs. These features are specifically engineered to enhance comfort and minimize hand strain during extended gaming sessions.

A distinct aspect of the Nomad is its dual rear paddles, a patented design by SCUF, which facilitate improved speed and control. This setup allows gamers to operate the thumbsticks and rear paddles simultaneously, mirroring the input methods used by professional gamers. Additionally, the controller incorporates anti-drift Hall effect sensors in the thumbsticks, ensuring precise control and sustained accuracy over time.


The SCUF Nomad is supported by a free iOS companion app, which allows users to manage their game library and customize their controller settings without the need for a subscription. The app offers functionalities such as adjusting trigger sensitivity, thumbstick responsiveness, and button remapping. It also includes features for quickly launching games and creating specific controller profiles tailored to different games, enhancing the overall user experience and gameplay effectiveness.

Moreover, the app aids in capturing and sharing gameplay highlights directly from a mobile device, promoting social interaction and community engagement among gamers.

Priced at $99.99, the SCUF Nomad aims to make high-quality gaming controllers more accessible to a broader audience. It is compatible with iOS version 16 and higher, ensuring a wide range of device compatibilities. The controller is initially available in black, with plans to introduce additional customization options and colors in the future.

Pre-orders for the SCUF Nomad start on May 30, 2024, with availability in select retail stores scheduled for this summer. 

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