Over 21 percent of Steam gamers is now using Windows 8.x

If you peek at Steam's survey on OSes ytou'll notice that 21 percent of Steam gamers is now using Windows 8.x During the previous month that figure was 20.06 per cent. It looks like it won't be long until Microsoft's latest OS hits the 25 per cent milestone for Steam users, however the lead of Windows 7 seems unassailable.

Here is the January 2014 operating system list for Steam, in order of biggest to smallest share as TNW reports today:

In December, Windows 8.1 overtook Windows XP on Steam. Last month, Windows 8.1 passed the 10 percent market share mark, and combined with Windows 8, the duo passed the 20 percent mark.

In fact, Windows 8.1 was the only Windows version to gain share between December and January. Gamers are by and large moving to Windows 8.1, though given Windows 7′s popularity it will very likely continue to lead for many more months.

Over the last month, Windows 8.1 gained 1.92 percentage points (from 8.83 percent to 1.92 percent) while Windows 8 slipped 0.58 points (from 11.14 percent to 10.56 percent). Windows 7 meanwhile dropped 0.31 points (from 63.35 percent to 63.04 percent), Windows Vista slipped 0.59 points (from 4.89 percent to 4.30 percent), and Windows XP dipped 0.10 points (from 6.35 percent to 6.25 percent).

Microsoft aside, OS X and Linux both lost 0.21 percentage points each. The two platforms ended up with 3.47 percent and 0.86 percent, respectively.

In February, we expect Windows 8.1 will pass Windows 8, and the two will soon pass the 25 percent market share point. As Windows 8.1 continues to eat away at Windows 8, however, it will take quite some time to pass Windows 7 on its own. Next year, Windows 9 will launch and we’ll do it all over again.

Over 21 percent of Steam gamers is now using Windows 8.x

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