OCZ Vertex 4 1.4

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A short while ago we wrote an article about OCZ Vertex 4 1.4 firmware. Well it's out for grabs. The new update will bring significant performance increases to the product. If you decide to flash the firmware, remember to make a backup as this update will erase the data on your SSD.


  • This is a destructive update. You MUST backup your data before performing the firmware update.


  • Increased read performance at low queue depths
  • Improved sequential write performance for 128GB and 256GB models
  • Increased performance under specific workloads of mixed reads and writes
  • Increased read performance on small file sizes (lower than 4K)


  • Improved host compatibility with dated / uncommon BIOS revisions
  • Improved stability when resuming from S3/S4 on older generation motherboards


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