OCZ Test panel Update - Month 3

Three months ago we started a two year test, ten of our Guru3D forum members received a OCZ Storage Solutions Vertex 460A SATA3 480GB SSD, and we'll are tracking and monitoring them closely for at least two years. Summer is here, time for another update as we reach the 3rd month.

Thus far all SSDs are functioning and running well, it is quite remarkable to see the actual overview of ten people at the same time, producing roughly the same performance results over and over again. The Vertex 460A SATA3 480GB SSD certainly isn't slowing down and some members already have written multiple terabytes of data on the SSD. Each month each participant will post their status on the SSD in our forums alongside with an overview of SMART info, TB written, lifespan expectancy and of course performance. This is an open project meaning everything gets reported transparently each month in the forum thread with a screen-shot or two running validation and test software. The good but also the bad will be reported. User feedback based on real-world user experiences. 

For this month we I will focus on our Ancient Guru, Noisiv. Noisiv already has reached 5 TB of data written (host writes) in just three months, I know crazy number right ? The SMART readouts are 100% as well as life expectancy.

These SSDs are endurance rated for 20GB/day of host writes for 3 years under typical client workloads. So 20GB x 365 days x 3 years = 21.9 TB. I certainly am interested to see how this level of writes will work out long term for Noisiv. but hey, that's what this test is all about. 

Below if you click the thumbnails you can see the SMART data of his SSD and performance scores. That's it for this months update, if you like to follow the test-panel you can do so in this forum thread

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