OCZ SSD Test Panel Up and Running - following 10 people for two years

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A few weeks ago we asked a handful of Guru3D readers if they would like to participate in an SSD group test, that lasts two years. The past week not five but a selection of enchanted ten Guru3D readers have received a OCZ Storage Solutions Vertex 460A SATA3 480GB SSD.

In the upcoming two years we'll be monitoring and thus closely following these guys. Each month each participant will post their status on the SSD in our forums alongside with an overview of SMART info, TB written, lifespan expectancy and of course performance. This is an open project meaning everything gets reported transparently each month in the forum thread with a screen-shot or two. The good but also the bad will be reported. User feedback based on real-world user experiences, and not forced synthetic stress-tests that destroy an SSD in weeks. 

It is going to an interesting two years to see how this hardware will keep up and to see how good SSD technology anno 2015 really is. We'll post regular news updates on how things are going.

 If you like to follow the test-panel you can do so in this forum thread

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