OCZ SSD prices at an all-time low

OCZ prices for most of their consumer SSDs have dropped by up-to 30%, in an attempt to be even more competitive with parties like Samsung and Micron. As a result, re-sellers are now able to offer the OCZ SSDs at a level that aggressively competes. In some cases that will even be up to 30% lower since the market introduction.  Below some examples.

Starting back in in 2012, OCZ has made a lot of investments  into R&D, engineering, cost reductions and overall product quality. Since the acquisition by Toshiba starting this year, OCZ has gained direct access to NAND, creating even a better position in both pricing and steady supply. After a lot of hard work, this has paid off in terms of reliability and they have now also taken the last obstacle; price.

Most of you are aware of that the two recent new releases (ARC 100 and AMD Radeon R7) launched back in August, even have come out with an exclusive new warranty service, called ShieldPlus. Guru3D feels that these SSDs are among the best in the worls world.

And example of the OCZ ARC 100 (read our review here), it started at 145 EURO and is now selling for 95 EURO, that is the 240 GB version. That's like 39 cents per GB in EURO (!) Now might be a good time to pick one up.

The ARC 100 series are lovely products that are blazing fast, durable and reliable.

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