NZXT Announces New Gaming Keyboards and Mice

NZXT unveiled its latest additions to the gaming hardware market, introducing new models of keyboards and mice. The highlight of this announcement is the "Function 2" series of gaming keyboards, which are equipped with proprietary optical switches. The "Function 2" series includes both a full-size variant and a tenkeyless model, dubbed "Function 2 MiniTKL." The latter will be the only version available in Japan, with pricing and exact release dates yet to be confirmed. These keyboards feature NZXT Swift Optical Switches, known for their optical contact mechanism, ensuring smooth input with a key load of 40g and a rapid 0.2ms response time. The switches are designed to be durable, capable of enduring over 100 million keystrokes without contact wear.

Constructed with a 3mm aerospace-grade aluminum top plate, the switches in the "Function 2" series are hot-swappable. The keyboards also boast two-color molded keycaps made from durable PBT resin, a volume control dial on the left edge, and a magnetically detachable palm rest for the full-size model. Connectivity is facilitated through a USB interface with a detachable cable. The dimensions of the "Function 2" and "Function 2 MiniTKL" models vary, with the full-size version measuring 442.0mm in width, 127.8mm in depth, and 40.3mm in height, while the tenkeyless variant is slightly smaller.

In conjunction with the keyboards, NZXT also introduced the "Lift 2" series of gaming mice, featuring the "Lift 2 Symm" with a symmetrical design and the "Lift 2 Ergo" with an ergonomic design for right-handed use. Both models, set to be released in Japan, share similar specifications, including an optical sensor with up to 26,000 dpi and a polling rate of 8,000 Hz. They come equipped with five buttons plus a wheel, and the left and right click buttons utilize durable optical switches designed for quick response and longevity, rated for 100 million clicks. The collaboration with Bethesda Game Studios on the Starfield series has also been announced, including special edition designs for the "Lift 2 Starfield" gaming mouse, the "MXL900 Starfield" mouse pad, and the "H5 Flow Starfield" mid-tower PC case. This special edition set, limited to 10 units, will be available exclusively at Yodobashi Camera in Japan for approximately 39,800 yen, including tax.

The estimated market selling prices for these products in the US are as follows: "Function 2" full-size keyboard at $139.99, "Function 2 MiniTKL" at $129.99, "Lift 2 Ergo" and "Lift 2 Symm" mice at $49.99 each, and the Starfield collaboration items with the "Lift 2 Starfield" at $59.99, "MXL900 Starfield" at $39.99, and "H5 Flow Starfield" at $129.99.

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