NVISION 08 - DAY 0 - San Jose Going is going NVIDIA Green

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NVISION 08 - Hey everybody, Guru3D landed in San Jose today to attend the NVISION 08 conference as organized by NVIDIA. We'll be attending a couple of workshops and obviously follow some of the better key-note speeches. Next to that we brought the big ol' camera with us to show you the facility, the people and thus cover the event with regular news-updates.

I'll try and make some nice photo's for you guys, at the very least of the biggest items and celebrities as .. there surely are a lot invited stars to attend. As stated we just arrived and in this first news-post I'd like to show you a couple of photo's of the facilities where NVISION will take place. San Jose is located roughly an hour drive away from San Francisco. Close to the center of San Jose (silicon valley) we find the convention center. This entire facility plus surrounding buildings are theme-colored green as part of the visual experience, the conference that starts tomorrow on Monday and ends Wednesday at 4 PM. Here are a couple of photo's to kick the NVISION 08 convention coverage off. Tomorrow, obviously we

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