NVIDIA will suspend all operations in Russia and relocate its staff.

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NVIDIA has suspended its operations in Russia, joining a vast number of Western corporations that have done this as well.. The IT giant ceased supplying technology to Russia shortly after the invasion of Ukraine eight months ago.

NVIDIA stated that it was retaining its offices in Russia after ceasing hardware shipments to support staff and their families. Still, due to recent events, it would no longer operate in the country. The corporation stated that all employees will have the option to continue working in other countries.

The latest problems cited by NVIDIA are undoubtedly a reference to the recent escalation of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Before the invasion of Ukraine in February, some 300 individuals worked at NVIDIA's Russia offices. This number has decreased over the past eight months, but the green team reported that it currently employs approximately 240 individuals in Russia. On September 30, he informed the staff that the office would be closing because it was "inability to ensure the effective work of its employees."

NVIDIA is currently chartering flights to transport employees who have agreed to relocate to offices in other countries. In addition to suspending shipments to Russia, US officials ordered NVIDIA and AMD to cease selling their AI-focused high-performance GPUs to Russia last month.

While Apple has discontinued all hardware sales in Russia, its App Store remains.

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