NVIDIA to Launch RTX 4060 Series with Staggered Release in July; Three SKUs on the Way

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NVIDIA is getting ready to release its RTX 4060 series, which includes the RTX 4060 Ti 8 GB, RTX 4060 Ti 16 GB, and RTX 4060. The company intends to unveil all three SKUs this month, though only the RTX 4060 Ti 8 GB model will be available for purchase immediately. 

The RTX 4060 Ti 16 GB and RTX 4060 versions are slated for a July release. The introduction of the 16 GB RTX 4060 Ti model comes as a surprise, considering the 128-bit memory bus constraint. Nonetheless, gamers can anticipate more frame buffer for storing high-resolution textures and expansive AI models.

A credible source reveals that NVIDIA has decided on four new SKUs, including the trio of RTX 4060 models. This choice is likely a response to the gaming community's feedback, who expressed disappointment with the RTX 4060 Ti's initial 8 GB VRAM offering. It appears that NVIDIA is now planning to introduce an RTX 4060 Ti SKU with an increased memory capacity of 16 GB, set to be available in July.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series Specs
RTX 4060 Ti 16GBRTX 4060 Ti 8GBRTX 4060RTX 3060 TiRTX 3060
Architecture Ada (TSMC 4N) Ada (TSMC 4N) Ada (TSMC 4N) Ampere (SAMSUNG 8N) Ampere (SAMSUNG 8N)
GPU AD106-350 AD106-350 AD107-400 GA104-200 GA106-300
CUDA Cores 4352 4352 3072 4864 3584
Base Clock 2310 MHz 1410 MHz 1320 MHz
Boost Clock 2535 MHz 1665 MHz 1777 MHz
Max FP32 Compute 22 TFLOPS 16.2 TFLOPS 12.7 TFLOPS
Memory 16 GB G6 8 GB G6 8 GB G6 8 GB G6 12 GB G6
Memory Bus 128-bit 128-bit 128-bit 256-bit 192-bit
Memory Bandwidth 288 GB/s 288 GB/s 288 GB/s 448 GB/s 360 GB/s
TDP ~160W 160W 115W 200W 170W
Interface PCIe Gen4 x8 PCIe Gen4 x8 PCIe Gen4 x8 PCIe Gen4 x16 PCIe Gen4 x16
Release Date July 2023 May 2023 July 2023 December 2020 January 2021

 Tabele courtesy: videocardz

Apart from memory size, little is known about the differences between the 8 GB and 16 GB RTX 4060 Ti variants. The RTX 4060 Ti 8 GB is rumored to boast 34 out of 36 streaming multiprocessors (SM) located on the 5 nm "AD106" silicon, providing NVIDIA with some theoretical leeway to enable additional shaders. In contrast, the RTX 4060 is a considerably distinct SKU based on the fully-utilized "AD107" silicon, featuring 30 SM or 3,840 CUDA cores. However, it remains possible that some RTX 4060 cards could be derived from a substantially trimmed-down AD106.

NVIDIA is expected to announce all three cards at the Computex Keynote, though the internal embargo documents do not specify an announcement date. The RTX 4060 Ti 8 GB will hit the market this month, while the 16 GB SKU and non-Ti RTX 4060 are scheduled for a July release.

NVIDIA to Launch RTX 4060 Series with Staggered Release in July; Three SKUs on the Way

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