NVIDIA Titan Xp Is Faster than Custom GTX 1080 Ti

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NVIDIA this week announced their new GP102 based Titan Xp graphics card with all 3,840 CUDA shader processor cores unlocked and the memory clocked at 2850 MHz. The fastest card your 1349 Euro can get you. The big question of course remained, how fast is it?

A Reddit user named “xramzal” has just posted snaps of his new Titan Xp. He also posted 3DMark Firestrike benchmark results with the TITAN Xp clocked at 1974 MHz on the Boost frequency. The overclocked Titan Xp slightly beats the overclocked 1080 Ti. Here is the snapshot of the 3DMark Firestrike score with the NVIDIA Titan Xp.

The card seems 11% faster compared to a reference card and if we add that result to our charts (performance score), it would look like this. And again, the Xp is slightly tweaked, but obviously so are the custom 1080 Ti boards. Have a peek. BTW we do not know the specs of xramzals PC, however we assume it'll be a close match to ours in this price range.

Update: I also added an overclocked result of the Aorus GTX 1080 Ti we tweaked to it's maximum stable 2038~2050 MHz. That Tweaked Aorus scores 31.3K on the GPU score, so does the Titan Xp at tweaked, at 31.9K, so tweaked the cards seem very close to each other.

NVIDIA Titan Xp Is Faster than Custom GTX 1080 Ti

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