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NVIDIA today us has invited a group of media in Montreal for a two-day event built around "The Way It's Meant to be Played".If we may believe all promises  impressive software and technology demonstrations will be shown. A live feed should be available, but at 10am ET / 7am PT we'll start LIVE blogging from the event and I'll try and make some snazzy photo's of course. So, if you guys would like to join us today and tomorrow, then keep an eye out in this news post where the updates will be made.

On both Thursday and Friday we'll be blogging from this event at starting at 10am ET / 7am PT. Read more after the break.

09:17 - Hey guys, we're live at the event which should start in like 45 minutes.

09:52 - The official feed is flakey. Let's hope it lasts.

Please read the rest after the break. Also at the bottom of that page you can see an extended photo overview of today's event.

10:00 - Conference is beginning. Tony Tamassi is getting on stage for the introduction. Talking about game technology, the way its meant to be played. This will be the focus today, mostly PC gaming is primary for this presentation. Talks about gameworks program. It is helping game developers in making their games, to make the most of graphics. There are 300 visual effects engineers. There will be talk about the Gameworks Library, a toolset for developers. Talks about Planet Side, War Thunder, Project cars, EverQuest Next, Batman Arkham Origins, Assassin's Creed Black Flag and Watch Dogs enhanced for graphics and consistent in the slides is enhanced 4K resolution support.

10:18 - NVIDIA GameWorks is the topic of discussion now. Gameworks research, gameworks library and developers tools are the common denominator here. Basically a toolset that helps developers with Dev tools like insight, IDE integration, debugging. Tamasi shows dev demo with Faceworks. 

10:25 - Demo debug tools. Now talks about PhysX, demo's Batman with turbulence fluid simulation, snow and smoke. Looks like no new hardware, graphics cards will be announced. Talks and announced PhysX Flex, a new (updated) unified GPU PhysX. This will allow much better PhysX effect and actually combine rigid bodies colliding with say a water simulation. Or say cloth with water. NV seems to place more focus on PhysX.

10:40 - Tamasi talks OptiX SDK - light baking game authoring pipelines. HBAO+ interleaved rendering for high performance, Full resolution for highest quality. Scalable across a broad range of CPUs. VisualFX SDK is exposed as well. Talks and introduces GI Works real-time global illumination solution.

11:00 - Tamasi talks Flame works, a new effect to really optimally render flames, smoke and fire in real-time (volume based). Looks pretty nice BTW will be integrated in games if 2014.

11:15 - Tamasi is back on stage, Devs of Batman (Ben Mattes Senior producer), Watch Dogs and Assasins creed get on stage and will talk a little about the game, graphics and corporation with NVIDIA of course. Ben Mattes Senior producer expains Batman storyline and presents in-game footage. Talks PhysX cloth simulated cape, snow etc.

11:59 - Next in line is Alexandre Methot fo Assassins Creed IV Black Flag and Watch Dogs. We are not allowed to take photo's here. He talks about ubisoft en the relation with the dev team from nvidia to enhance their game titles. Shows in-game demos. 

12:30 -  AC Black Flag is being talked about right now. Loading time increased, dynamic board you can now enter any ship or jump inbetween them. Game has improved PC graphics - next gen-improvements like Dynamic Foliage, more trees etc. Also improved is rain and wet surfaces (3D rain) all particles are in-dependant lit. Puddles are reactive even react to wind. Parallax Inclusion mapping is used as well. Screen space reflection is implemented bringing more realism. Lighted particles, when you shoot you will see smoke particles, HR textures for PC, HBAO, improved shadow effects, DOF, Motion blur, lens flares are all implemented for next gen PC. MSAA and TXAA will be supported aas well as 4K gaming.

 12:45 - This concludes the presentation for this morning. We'll continue tomorrow. Same time ;)

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