Nvidia Shield TV Update annoys users with ads and bloatware

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A new update for Shield TV devices has been released by Nvidia. A new user interface and commercials are now included for the device. The update doesn't make end-users rather happy, actually, they are getting extremely disappointed and irritated..

Users complain about the ads on the forums, Google Play and social media. The number of plaintiffs, particularly in the Play Store, has dropped the rating of shield to one star overall (Android TV Home). Users mainly complain that they have chosen the Shield, because unlike many other cheaper devices, no ads have been shown.

Users have since suggested workarounds. For example, removing the update is enough to make the ads disappear, which can be done by going to settings > apps > system apps > Android TV Home and uninstalling that app. The app itself will not be removed, but the updates will. Next, Google's auto-update feature should be disabled to prevent the ads from coming back.

Another workaround is to install a 3rd party launcher. Users who don't want to get used to a different user interface can disable the Google Play services, but that can cause login and update problems.

It seems NVIDIA made a big mistake here.

Nvidia Shield TV Update annoys users with ads and bloatware

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