NVIDIA Shield Android TV to Get Fully Functional GeForce Now Service

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Nvidia's cloud-based streaming service for games, GeForce Now will be updated for the Shield set-top box with Android TV. The new update invokes the option to run the service in full on the Shield. New, anything bought through Steam, Uplay or Blizzard Battle.net can be added streamed and played through NVIDIA's servers on your telly.

The GeForce Now offering on PC and Shield have been two different ones, that is now about to change, reports engadget. You'll be able to play a selection of 225 supported PC games. However, a new feature allows you to add, install and use your own games supported and purchased via either Steam, Uplay or Blizzard Battle.net. With GeForce Now, you can game on high-quality settings and with proper frame rates, streamed towards a low power hardware device like the Shield.

So to make it more clear, you are not streaming from your PC towards the TV with Shield, no you are running the game virtualized as a game PC from the Nvidia cloud data center and its servers. To make this happen, you will receive 1TB of virtualized storage on your (paid) account. Though pricing is a bit puzzling, the current beta is still free to use. However previously the subscription service fee was indicated to be €10 / 8 USD per month and would work with games you already own or are in the library, so you have to purchase new games on a separate device via Steam or Uplay. The new offering works more like GeForce Now on PC or Mac, letting you play your own titles and purchase new ones directly from the Shield. But in essence, anything in your PC Steam account, can thus now be run through GeForce Now on the Shield (which requires the subscription). It can be handy for those with a low perf PC. If you have a high performance one, you could of course just as well stream the game from your PC to the shield and save that 10 bucks a month.


NVIDIA Shield Android TV to Get Fully Functional GeForce Now Service

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