NVIDIA Reveals RTX 4090 Overwatch 2 Performance Numbers

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NVIDIA has released some benchmarking data for Overwatch 2 with GeForce RTX 4080 and 4090 cards. NVIDIA claims that the new GPUs from NVIDIA are too fast for the previous 400 FPS framerate cap, forcing Blizzard to increase the framerate cap in Overwatch 2 to 600 FPS. 

NVIDIA also states that enabling Reflex will decrease system latency by up to 60%. With an Intel Core i9-12900K processor and the Ultra visual quality option in Overwatch 2, the RTX 4090 was able to achieve 507 frames per second (FPS). Compared to the RTX 4080 12 GB, which can only achieve 296 FPS, the RTX 4080 16 GB is capable of 368 FPS. 


Since the highest-end comparison we have is an unidentified RTX 3080 that pushed 249 FPS, it would appear that the comparison to the previous generation cards is a little harsh. The RTX 3070 comes in at 195 FPS, followed by the RTX 3060 at 122 FPS. If you want to play Overwatch 2 at 1440p with 360 FPS+, NVIDIA suggests the RTX 4080 16 GB, while the RTX 3080 Ti is recommended for 1080p with the same framerate.

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