NVIDIA reponds to Fud rumor about cutting board partners

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Guru3D.com ImageYesterday we wanted to confirm you the rumors as mentioned here. We started asking around at the board-partners what they heard. And of course some smaller board-partners inevitably will be cut away, as that is the state of the industry and financial situation we have globally right now. But the rumor of NVIDIA trimming down to 6 board-partners, as spread by FudZilla, is now officially denied by NVIDIA.

I've asked NVIDIA for an official response as well. Typically NVIDIA does not respond to rumors whatsoever which serves them right to do so, yet the sensitivity and speculation on this topic could actually effect the involved board-partners sales directly and creates insecurity for the people actually working behind the scenes of these companies.

Well, we just got an official response back from Luciano Alibrandi Director of Product PR - EMEAI - NVIDIA Ltd. He asked me to quote him literally:


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