Nvidia releases GeForce GT 720 Series

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Nvidia today introduced the latest GeForce GT 700 series, the Palit GeForce GT 720. Based on Kepler architecture, 192 CUDA cores Palit GeForce GT 720 offers ultra low power and great performance and features with 1GB/2GB of DDR3 memory that's superior to integrated graphics in all your PC multimedia applications.

With an excellent graphics engine and ultra low (19W) power consumption, the GT 720 gives you 2x faster web browsing, 5x faster video editing, and 8x faster photo editing compared to integrated graphics and also offers the great performance/Watt experience. 

GeForce GT 720 features:

  • 192 Kepler CUDA cores
  • 3 multi displays support
  • Ultra low power consumption (19W)
  • UHD (4K) support
  • DirectX 12 support
  • PhysX technology

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