NVIDIA Project Denver to offer 8-core ARM and 256 CUDA cores?

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Guru3D.com ImageSome more information about NVIDIA's Project Denver chip surfaced by way of BSN:

The information we have at hand is that Project Denver CPU core is looking to be very much aligned with T40, i.e. "Tegra 4" i.e. Wayne. According to internal schedule, Wayne silicon is going to be taped out in the next couple of weeks, with developers getting their hands on prototype silicon in December 2011.Wayne silicon is consisted out of four ARM cores (NVIDIA is not disclosing the core type, teasing that it might be either A15 or PD) and up to 64 GPU cores.

During the same month (December 2011), NVIDIA plans to tape out the first silicon based on Project Denver, which combines up to 8-core custom NVIDIA-ARM 64-bit CPU with a GeForce 600-class GPU. The company had a lot of issues in development of a CPU and the general consensus is that NVIDIA is take a conservative approach with a single 28nm PD CPU design and the 28nm Fermi-based design, i.e. the rumored Fermi-refresh in the form of notebook and lower-end desktop GeForce 600 Series cards (remember "GeForce 300"?). The interesting bit that we heard is that Project Denver is geared towards "full PhysX support", whatever that might be.

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