NVIDIA Project Denver - injecting a CPU core into GPU

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Guru3D.com ImagePretty big news from NVIDAI today, my best bet is that NVIDIA is tired and sick of Intel patent issues preventing them from developing x86 capable hardware. Now that Intel and AMD integrate graphics into their processors NVIDIA will do it the other way around and integrate a processor into its GPUs.

It has long been rumored that NVIDIA flirting with the the processor market with some sort of x86 compatibility, many wondered how the firm would do this but with NVIDIA's announcement of Project Denver and Microsoft's confirmation that the next version of Windows will be compatible with ARM the plan is becoming a bit clearer.

Project Denver is the codename of NVIDIA's CPU+GPU combo, which is basically a custom ARM Cortex-A15 processor that will be fully integrated on the same chip as NVIDIA's future GeForce and Tesla GPUs.

NVIDIA announced today that it plans to build high-performance ARM

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