Nvidia Profits Tripled In Q4 2016

Nvidia is happy alright, the graphics chip (or should we say parralel computing) company increased its net profit to $ 655 million (614 million euros). That's a tripled compared to the same quarter a year earlier.

The news reaches us thjroug figures of the fourth financial quarter for 2016. Revenues grew to $ 2.17 billion, an increase of 55 percent compared with a year earlier. Revenues from Nvidia's data center division, which manufactures chips for include Amazon, Microsoft and Alibaba also has tripled which summed up towards 926 million USD in revenues.

Nvidia speaks of record figures. "Our GPU platform is increasingly being used for artificial intelligence, cloud computers, gaming and self-propelled vehicles," said Nvidia founder Jen-Hsun Huang.

The company has reached all of its goals that quarter in terms of gaming, visualization, data centers and self-propelled vehicles. Exact figures on some departments have not been shared.

Nvidia Profits Tripled In Q4 2016

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