Nvidia might Release GeForce GTX 1070 Ti

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Nvidia has a pretty strong lineup ever since last year, and with the recent Vega release from AMD we do not expect massive movements with new products this year. However the one product series that could see a bit of a boost would be the GTX 1070. It is now rumored that a GTX 1070 Ti is in the works.

Now, I am naming the product Ti but really it might be called a 1070 LE as well. Industry sources claim all this, the product would get 2304 Shader cores which is a little hard to believe being so close to the 1080.  It could also be the opposite and a simple 1070 with faster memory, likely 9 Gbps GDDR5.

The one reason for 1070 Ti to spawn would be Vega 56, as that card certainly is appealing for many and sits on top of the 1070. There might be some merit to this rumor as well as the fact that the Christmas season is slowly coming, it is expected that Nvidia will bring something new to the table.




Source: MyDriversBaidu

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