Nvidia might be working on their own VR headset

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Nvidia might release their own VR headset. Now this is not the first time this rumor pops up, however new information surfaced is showing that Nvidia now holds a patent for a headset with six camera and two displays, each for one eye.

According to the patent mock-up drawing of the headset, shown below, the device has three cameras on each side. The six cameras should visualize the 3D space surrounding you visualizing the projection better.

The other cameras are located below, likely for gestures with a movement resolution of less than one millimeter. The data can be transmitted towards accessories according to the patent.

The headset will get a wireless adapter that will likely allow for game streaming  from a PC towards the headset. It works both ways, what the person is seeing might be displayed on the traditional screen. The headset will get a strong processor to make this possible, according to the patent.

Nvidia Computex Demo room showing VR on Oculus Rift.

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