NVIDIA Marbles RTX demo now available for download

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NVIDIA has released a working demo of what was something spectacular to see last year, the Marbles RTX demo. It's now available via the omniverse design platform.

The Marbles RTX demo technically is not a demo but a showcase to test and try. Unfortunately though, if you like to download ti, you'll need to register through NVIDIA's Omniverse client. System requirements require you to be able to run Marbles RTX with any RTX card, although an RTX 3080 or Quadro RTX 5000 is recommended as best experience. Marbles RTX is not a benchmark, it'll show off ray tracing performance of your system (combining real-time Ray Tracing and DLSS technologies). This demo features hundreds of dynamic Ray Tracing lights and over a hundred million polygons. Plus, it features photorealistic graphics in real time and is compatible with NVIDIA Omniverse and DLSS technologies.

You can download the Omniverse beta via this link, but again registration is mandatory. The recommended drivers for RTX Marbles is version 456.71


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