NVIDIA launches GeForce 9800 GT

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Guru3D.com ImageNVIDIA just launched the GeForce 8800 9800 GT.

As expected there's nothing really special about this product as it is nothing else other than a rebadged GeForce 8800 GT. In fact the specifications are too close to call a difference in performance whatsoever.

The product will be have 112 Shader processor-enabled, still be based on the 65nm G92 GPU and have the same frequencies and specs as the 8800 GT counterpart.

So confusing ...

The one thing that did change is that Nvidia's board partners can play around with a customized PCB and choose to make something really special. Think here in an optimized PCB, different PCB colors and next to that somewhat more exotic cooling methods. This first AIB press-relases are already coming in. I'll post an overview of the new boards tomorrow.

  GeForce 8800 GT GeForce 9800 GT
Stream (Shader) Processors 112 112
Core Clock (MHz) 600 600
Shader Clock (MHz) 1512 1512
Memory Clock (MHz) x2 900 900
Memory amount 512 MB 512 MB
Memory Interface 256-bit 256-bit
HDCP Yes Yes
Two Dual link DVI Yes Yes

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