Nvidia GM200 GPU (GTX Titan II) Spotted

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Okay, spotted is a big word here and Titian II is just a name that is totally unconfirmed of course. But it is a trend on the web these days that people lookup shipping bills. And wccftech noticed that shipping data at Zauba.com shows that Nvidia has been moving a sample of a GPU tagged as GM200 core (yes again). Earlier in July we noticed as well. This basically means that Nvidia has taped out the early A1 revision GPUs and engineering samples. This could mean a high-end launch Maxwell GPU as soon as Christmas IF wafer yields are decent enough.

Next month Nvidia is expected to release the GeForce GTX 870 and 880 based on GM204As expected, the GM200, much like the like the GM204 will be a Maxwell GPU. We are a little unsure whether if the TSMC 20nm node still is giving issues and is used. If that one is problematic then GM200 would be a 28nm part. This means that these processors will be HUGE in size, perhaps even over 620 mm² so we find that a little doubtful as heat would become an immense issue next to wafer yields. Earlier rumors already have indicated that GM200 would feature more than 4000 Shader processors albeit that is gossip of the highest level. Expected though is that the memory bus will be widened up towards 512-bit giving this product a heck of a lot of bandwidth.  The GM200-based "GeForce GTX TITAN II" could launch in the first half of 2015, but everything in this post is could have and would have.

Early July we already noticed this shipment:

 Nvidia GM200-GPU transport list manifest. 
But this one was just spotted as well, Nvidia is definitely moving around the GPUs.

This is the new manifest GM200-CS0-A1 and a newer GM200-CS1-A1 

Ealier last month some photo's of a mysterious PCB and GPU showed up as well. This could be GTX 870/880 though. This could be Nvidia pending flagship graphics card - don't ya hate the blurry Mosaic ?


Backside of the PCB

Nvidia GM200 GPU (GTX Titan II) Spotted

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