NVIDIA GK110 surfaces -- has 2880 Shader processors

Over at the other side of the pond the NVIDIA GK110 Kepler GPU has been 'somewhat' introduced.

We stated in our GTX 670/680 reviews already that the GK104 really was meant to be a mid-range chip. It's just VERY good, so good that NVIDIA delayed the GK110 for the consumer market and gave the professional market priority. We do expect the GK110 at the end of the year for consumers.

The upcoming Tesla K20 card will be equipped with a whopping 2880 Shader / ALU processor encounting monster.

Update: new information shows that there actually might be 16 SMX cores and thus 3072 Shader processors on GK110.

It features a threefold increase in double precision performance over a comparable Fermi core and also incorporates high level dynamic parallelism, and Hyper Q technology.

Hyper Q allows these new Kepler parts to process up to 32 concurrent work queues (versus the single work queue for Fermi), allowing its massively powerful parallel abilities to stay fully engaged, optimizing efficiency.

GK 110 -- "Big Kepler" Here's what we know:

It's not much to look at, but this is how K10 or K20 will look like:

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