NVIDIA GeForce GTX 455, 460 and 490

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Guru3D.com ImageThere are a lot of rumors currerntly floating on the web on pending NVIDIA GeForce graphics card releases.

NVIDIA may be working on up to three new GeForce GTX 400 series graphics card. On the middle-end this would include the GeForce GTX 460 that we've already heard and talked about it, but also a GTX (or GTS) 455 designed to take on the Radeon HD 5700 series. This card is expected to arrive in August for under $200, and may be followed by 450 or 445 cards. Additionally, there's also talk about a dual-GPU GTX 490 based on the GF104 GPU, this card is expected to end up with a 300W TDP and should arrive in August.

GF106 or GTS(X) 455, will take on the HD 5700 series. It is possible that the mysterious 240 SP part rumoured could be the GF106. 240 SP is right on cue with where Nvidia would like specs to be to outperform the HD 5770. There could be a further 450 or 445 cards, all under $200. Details on GF106 remain sparse at this moment. The 455 is set to release in August.

Finally, Nvidia will release a new dual-GPU flagship, the GTX 490. The better thermal characteristics of GF104 means a dual-GPU product is possible with a TDP of under 300W. However, considering the GTX 460 matches, or even slightly outperforms the GTX 465, a dual-GPU 460 will simply not be enough to take the performance crown away from the HD 5970. It will, however, close the massive gap between the GTX 480 and the HD 5970. The power consumption is described to be "extreme" and is likely to end up as 300W. It is also set to release in August.

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