NVIDIA Explores Additional Semiconductor Foundry Partnership, Considers Intel Foundry Services

During the recent UBS Global Technology Conference, NVIDIA's CFO Colette Kress discussed the potential expansion of NVIDIA's semiconductor foundry partnerships beyond its current collaborations with TSMC and Samsung. In response to a query in the Q&A session, Kress alluded to the possibility of integrating Intel Foundry Services (IFS) as a third foundry partner. She emphasized the importance of evaluating the services offered by potential partners and noted the strategic benefits of geographic diversity in foundry locations.

Kress mentioned that the establishment of TSMC facilities in the U.S. could also present new opportunities for NVIDIA. Presently, NVIDIA's chip manufacturing is primarily handled by TSMC and Samsung. The company relies on TSMC, a leading Taiwanese foundry, for producing its latest "Ada" GPUs and "Hopper" AI processors. Meanwhile, Samsung is responsible for manufacturing NVIDIA's previous generation "Ampere" GPUs. Integrating IFS as an additional foundry partner could enhance NVIDIA's supply chain resilience, particularly considering the geopolitical uncertainties. The U.S. and EU-based locations of IFS fabs offer strategic advantages in this context.


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