ASUS Rolls Back AREZ to ROG ? Nope, not at all (updated content)

The GPP (partner program) has been a lot of bad press for Nvidia, so much that they canceled the program a week or two ago. Amidst them rolling out the new program updates, some AIB and AIC partners made changes and created separate lines and brands for their Radeon cards.

Among them recently MSI with their new Mech 2 series. The biggest announcement, however, was ASUS with a large press release stating they made changes to their graphics card lineup and move Radeon graphics cards towards the new AREZ product line while removing them from the ROG line. 

Well, as stated, after all criticism,  NVIDIA ended GPP two weeks ago. And some board partners were already ready with moving and changing their products lines, so what now? When I checked my mailbox this morning it looked like ASUS would be the first, rolling the branding back like a bad Windows install with the restore button. See, on Twitter yesterday a post was tweeted on the account: ASUS_AREZ, claiming the separated AREZ Radeon graphics cards is part of history as you can see above (BTW thanks, KissSh0t for the news submitted). However, after looking into it, it simply looked like the twitter account where this was posted, could/would be a fake one. Today we've been trying to get some information from ASUS and after a phone call with ASUS it was confirmed, the Twitter account indeed is a fake. ASUS HQ took action today and had Twitter suspend that account (which now is disabled). ASUS at this time has no further comments on the AREZ product line. Once anything should change we'll be informed, but the AREZ branding is here to stay, well at least for now that is.


ASUS Rolls Back AREZ to ROG ? Nope, not at all (updated content)

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