Nvidia Ends 3D Vision And Mobile Kepler Support

If you bought a 3D Monitor (many) years ago, then much like most such technologies it is ending the way of the dodo. NVIDIA is halting support for 3D Vision. NVIDIA will also halt supporting Mobile Kepler products and is moving the driver to legacy status.

GeForce Game Ready drivers starting at 418 will have lacking support. 3D Vision in was introduced back on 2009 but never really became popular. Nvidia will make its 3D Vision Video Player available until the end of 2019.

Critical updates will continue to be provided by the company until April 2020. With driver version 418, Nvidia also supports support for mobile Kepler GPUs . The Kepler architecture can be found in a large number of laptop cards from Nvidia, from the 600 series to even some 800 and 900 models.


NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision

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