Nvidia demos prototype lightfield VR glasses

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At the Virtual Reality exhibit in LA Nvidia is showing a prototype of their vr-glasses in development based on lightfield technology. The company is working together with Stanford university on this project. The glasses make it possible to focus based on any angle in the displayed field.

Not a lot of information is available on the glasses other then a few photos have surfaced. The collaboration with Stanford university is pretty unique though and the project seems to be called 'Light Field Stereoscope' at the university .

The VR glasses should enable users to focus in a scene in a natural manner, so if you look close-by the imagery gets sharp, but if you look into the distance, that'll focus as well. The glasses make use of two layers of LCDs to create depth combined with a stereoscopic technology to project imagery to each individual eye. The result would be that the images are not flat, deducting the load on your eyes, but likely also reduces motion sickness.

The depth effect is achieved by displaying 25 images to each eye, which kinda makes it holographic now that I think of it. The VR glasses in display are protoypes from Nvidia and I would assume Stanford - they might become available to the market somewhere in the 2018 time-frame.

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