NVIDIA Announces Tegra 4: 72 GPU Cores, 4G LTE

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Graphics Guru's NVIDIA have announced announced the Tegra 4 chip, a quad core Cortex A15 chip packed with 72 GPU cores, expected to launch later this year. Alongside the chip, NVIDIA also introduced the Icera i500 soft modem. The i500 soft modem is a programmable baseband chip and unlike traditional baseband chips, it is much smaller. The four ARM Cortex A15 CPU cores run at a clock speed of up to 1.9 GHz. The 28nm GPU has 72 shader cores.

Tegra 3 the current SoC from NVIDIA used in mobile phones has 12 shader cores. Now meet the product under codename Wayne .. at CES the Tegra 4 was . 

Tegra 4 (codename Wayne) will be a quad-core Cortex-A15 (with a fifth, low-power companion core), with a 72-core GPU — six times more than Tegra 3.The Tegra 4 SoC would get a six-fold of graphics processing power compared to the current generation, 72 Shader processors. It doesn't stop there though. Tegra 4 will apparently be capable of outputting 1080p @ 120Hz, full hardware encode/decode for video up to 2560×1440 (1440p), and a maximum output resolution of 3820×2160 (4K).

The GPU is assisted by a four core Cortex A15 processor and an additional small energy efficient core based on Cortex A7.  Interesting stuff, the chip is to be made on a 28nm HPL process and should hit the market Q2 this year.

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