NVIDIA and MediaTek Reportedly Collaborate on Mobile GPUs

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NVIDIA and MediaTek are said to be nearing a deal to create a series of GPUs for the mobile sector, with potential applications in smartphones and Arm-based Windows laptops.

The partnership is anticipated to bear fruit in early 2024, but it is unclear whether manufacturers like Apple or Xiaomi are already engaging with this emerging technology.

NVIDIA already operates in this space through its Tegra SoC, which powers devices such as the Shield and Nintendo Switch. Rumors indicate that an enhanced Tegra version is under development for the next iteration of the popular hybrid console, while the alliance with MediaTek intends to cater to mobile gaming enthusiasts.

The goal of the collaboration is to boost mobile gaming performance and facilitate the incorporation of artificial intelligence in NVIDIA's processors. Although both NVIDIA and MediaTek have refrained from commenting on the partnership, more details are likely to surface in the latter half of 2023 as the projected launch in early 2024 approaches.

This initiative is viewed as a competitive move against AMD and Samsung. MediaTek seeks to broaden its footprint in the computer and mobile industries, while Samsung has already joined forces with AMD for the Exynos 2200 and 2300 processors.

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