Noctua teases NF-A12x25 fan - almost 4 years development

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You guys know it, for Noctua, cooling isn't an just an art, is a science. Over the years I have spoken many times with the company, and the level of detail and research they put in their cooling solutions is incredible. For years now we've talked about a new fan series, and after 4 years, they now are teasing it, ready to be released.

The guys behind Noctua are always modest, never aggressive with marketing, never did a viral. So if Noctua teases something this way, we take it seriously as we just know it'll be good. Initially, we've spoken and mentioned this series at our Computex coverage. The fan series in question is the NF-A12x25, slim and silent. From the looks of things, it will offer incredible silent cooling performance. The will be a fan series ideal for CPU coolers and radiators requiring high static pressure. To achieve a higher static pressure, Noctua went totally innovative in the design. For example, the distance between the frame and the fan blades is a staggering 0.5 millimeter, this normally is 1.5 and sometimes even up to 3 millimeter. 

Check out how close that blade is to the housing frame! 

Smaller tolerances need a rigid frame or else the fan blades could hit the outer frame. For this, a special material is used. I remember that when it was a prototype, they mentioned they wanted to use a liquid crystal polymer based fan, a raw material that is used in Kevlar, that would be Sterrox LCP. They have had these in development for a long time already.

Basically, it will stiffen the fan blades so that they can achieve smaller tolerances in the fan housing. This helps in airflow but also noise levels. At the time of writing is not yet known when the fans are actually available, but Noctua indicates within a few weeks, we're excited to find out.

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