Noctua Releases NH-L12Sx77 Low-Profile CPU Cooler for Enhanced Cooling in Compact Systems

Noctua has launched the NH-L12Sx77, an advanced low-profile CPU cooler designed to improve cooling performance in small form factor systems. This model is a modified version of the acclaimed NH-L12S, featuring a taller build to enhance compatibility with motherboards and RAM modules. The NH-L12Sx77 is particularly suitable for compact cases like the Fractal Design Terra or Louqe RAW S1, which can accommodate the cooler's height of 77 mm—a 7 mm increase over the original NH-L12S. The NH-L12Sx77 includes six heatpipes, compared to four in its predecessor, providing increased capacity for handling higher heat loads. This design is beneficial for supporting high-end CPUs under heavy loads, particularly when these processors operate in aggressive turbo boost modes. The additional height of the NH-L12Sx77 allows for greater clearance for RAM and motherboard components, making it versatile for various system configurations.

The cooler maintains a configuration with the fan installed underneath the fin stack, directing airflow upwards. This orientation is optimal for compact cases that often feature a perforated panel above the cooler, allowing for efficient heat dissipation directly out of the case and reducing noise from air turbulence.Compatible with multiple compact case designs, including the SilverStone Milo ML12 and Louqe RAW S1, the NH-L12Sx77 offers an effective solution for users seeking performance and compatibility in tight builds. It is priced at EUR 84.90 / USD 74.90.

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