Nextorage releases X Series PCIe Gen 5.0 NVMe SSDs: 12GB/sec Performance NVMe SSD

Nextorage Corporation, under the leadership of President Katsuyuki Honda, announces the launch of its PCIe Gen 5.0-compliant NVMe SSDs, the "X Series," this month. Designed with a focus on high-performance and reliability, the X Series targets professional users such as 4K/8K content creators, data scientists, and high-end gamers. The NN5PRO-2000 model, boasting a maximum read speed of 12,400 MB/s and a maximum write speed of 11,800 MB/s, caters to demanding workloads, ensuring seamless processing for professionals and immersive gaming experiences for enthusiasts.

Key features of the X Series include dual heat sinks for effective temperature management, a space-saving design with a two-story structure and heat pipes, and optimized Thermal Interface Material (TIM) for efficient heat transfer across components. The fan-less heat sink design enhances durability and stability while minimizing power consumption and noise generation, ensuring prolonged cooling performance. Priced competitively, the NN5PRO-1TB1BH and NN5PRO-2TB1BH models are available at $239.99 (1 TB) and $399.99 (2 TB), respectively, offering high-value options for users seeking top-tier SSD solutions.

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