Next Level Racing's compact folding racing simulator

The F1 season is beginning. Check out this the Next Level Racing brand portable racing simulator "F-GT Lite".  Formula position and GT position can be set quickly and easily, the first cockpit that can be folded.

It has necessary functions such as stability, angle adjustment and shifter support. The handle, pedals, and shifter are kept in place and folded to 750x499x870mm size, so it is easy to store and is also expected to be used for events and tournaments.

It also features rigidity to withstand loads up to 150 kg, and Alcantara is used for the seat. Combination with mesh material ensures breathability, so you can play comfortably on a tight seat. In addition, the handle, pedal, gear shift angle and installation position can be adjusted. Gear shift support is available on both the left and right sides, and can be used with steering controllers from major manufacturers such as Logitech, Thrustmaster, and Fanatec.

Contents include "F-GT Lite" frame and gear shift adapter. The withstand load is 130kg, and the corresponding height is from 120cm to 200cm. External dimensions are 1,750x750x1,270mm in GT position and 1,640x750x940mm in formula position. The body weight is about 19kg.

AUD $499 USD $299 GBP £249 EUR €299 

Next Level Racing's compact folding racing simulator

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